Apply for a Mortgage: The First Step to Buying a San Diego Home

Buying Your San Diego Home: Mortgage

Interest rates can fluctuate during the time it takes to apply for a mortgage and purchase a home in San Diego. Locking in a mortgage rate means you will have a set amount of time to finish the purchase process at the rate amount that was discussed with your lender.

Strategies to get you on top in a real estate bidding war.

How to Handle a San Diego Real Estate Bidding War

The competitive San Diego market can become stressful. Through the decades (yes, I’ve been doing this a long time!), I’ve uncovered a few tips to help my San Diego homebuyers experience success. (Keep in mind, however, that if your offer is significantly less than your competition’s, even these tips won’t help!)

How to Buy a House

How to Buy a House

You have decided to enter the San Diego real estate market! It continues to be fast-paced and the need to prepare yourself is extremely important. Understanding the current market conditions and the purchase process will help you to manage your expectations through the entire transaction.

How a Notice to Perform Helps San Diego Sellers

How a Notice to Perform Helps San Diego Sellers

How a Notice to Perform Helps San Diego Sellers   In my San Diego Real Estate business, the California Association of Realtors document Notice to Perform  (NTP) is most used when representing a San Diego seller client and the San Diego homebuyer isn’t doing what they contractually agreed to do. This typically equates to the…

Facts for Home Buying in San Diego

How Much Money Do I Need to Buy a Home in San Diego

According to you must earn $85,842.74 to buy a home in San Diego, this year … And these are the facts: • Mortgage rate: 4.66 percent (+0.75 percent from 2nd quarter 2013) • Home price: $485,000 • Monthly payment: $2,003.00 • Salary needed: $85,842.74 While the required salary bump isn’t quite as extreme in…