Real Estate Tips

88 Types of Turbulence, Things That Might Go Wrong During Your San Diego Real Estate Transaction

During our Initial Consultation we talk about what it will take to either successfully buy or sell a house in San Diego. Sometimes, things don’t proceed perfectly and having the 88 Types of Turbulence to refer to can be helpful. This real estate tips sheet is one of the best resources to have on hand during your real estate transaction.

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Free Report: Protect Your Home from Burglars

My friend, Kathryn, called me after her home was burglarized. In her case, most of the missing things were items that could be used in identity theft: passports, bank statements, social security cards and birth certificates.

Download PDF of Free Report.

California Homeowner Bill of Rights

The California Homeowner Bill of Rights became law on January 1, 2013 to ensure fair lending and borrowing practices for California homeowners.


Click to download a PDF of California Homeowner Bill of Rights.

Home Buying Flow Chart

From the first meeting with your real estate agent to your moving day, this flow chart will assure you stay on track.
Download PDF of Home Buying Flow Chart

The Buying Process

Why have a professional real estate agent represent you in the purchase of a property? In additional to finding a property, here are a few key things a professional agent does to earn his/her commission …

Download PDF of The Buying Process

Your Credit Score

A credit score is derived from a model that analyzes a number of variables from a consumer’s credit files to determine the likelihood that the applicant will repay the loan on time.

Download PDF of Credit Score informational.

Real Estate Glossary

From Appraisal to Veterans Administration all the real estate terms you’ll need to know.

Download a PDF of the Real Estate Glossary

Information Needed at Loan Application

Use this checklist to make sure you’re prepared for your loan application.

Download the Checklist PDF.

5 Mistakes Home Sellers Make5 Deadly Mistakes Home Sellers Make

Learn what NOT to do when preparing your home for sale.

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    How Sellers Price Their HomesHow Sellers Price Their Homes

    There are four basic factors that influence how a seller prices their home for sale.

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      On the Edge of Losing Your Home?On the Edge of Losing Your Home?

      Slipping toward foreclosure can lead to feelings of anxiety, depression, and loss of self-esteem. Don’t give up. There are options available to help millions of homeowners rescue themselves from the brink. Since it is crucial to act before a foreclosure takes place, now is the most important time for you to review the following options and solutions.

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        How to Sell Your House for the Most MoneyHow to Sell Your House for the Most Money

        Learn what buyers are interested in, what to look for in your house – inside and outside – and the first steps you should take in preparing your home for sale.

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