What is a Reticular Activator?

What is a Reticular Activator?

Two reasons I’m recording this video for you. 1. I want to sincerely thank you for trusting me to consult, negotiate and oversee the details of your transaction. I am truly grateful. 2. Is to let you know how you can best help me to help you find your dream home. You may know that I have chosen to run my business by referral only. This means I spend my time helping great clients like you rather than always trying to advertise to the general public.

What you may not know is that over the days, weeks and even months ahead, you’ll have a heightened awareness for people thinking about buying or selling a home, all the time.

Your reticular activator is the part of your brain that causes you to have heightened awareness of certain things. For example, you buy a red truck and suddenly you start seeing red trucks like yours all over the road. Pregnant women, notice other pregnant women. That’s the sort of thing your reticular activator makes you aware of.

Your reticular activator is turned on, already. You’re going to find yourself talking to other people who are thinking about buying or selling a home all the time.

If you feel good about me helping your friends, family members, and neighbors, then the next time you’re in a conversation with someone who may need my help, then please take our cell phone and call me so that we can talk about the best way to introduce us.

Talk to you soon.

What to Expect During a Home Inspection

What to Expect During a Home Inspection

Hi, I’m Kim. This is what happens during the home inspection. One of the most important things to do during your contingency period, typically during the first week of opening escrow, is to get a home inspection from a licensed professional.

Most inspections will cost between $350 – $450. The primary purpose of the inspection is to check on the safety of your potential new home. And just as important to have you be informed of items that may not be operational and / or in need of replacement or repair.

This is the list of what should be covered:

      1. An interior and exterior visual inspection find cracks or peeling paint in walls or floors, ceiling, foundation, masonry and other structures.


      2. The roof is checked for leaks improper installation. Skylights, flashing, gutters, chimneys and fireplaces are checked as well.


      3. The inspector should go into the attic to look at the insulation and the venting. Also, they will notice any wiring that exists that is unsafe or not to code.


      4. All appliances will be run and venting observed. This includes ovens, stoves, dishwashers, microwaves and the garbage disposal.


      5. Major systems will be turned on. The temperature as well as the pressure valves will be checked for code and proper function. This includes the air conditioner furnace and hot water heater.


      6. Plumbing is visually inspected in all bathrooms and the kitchen for any evidence of moisture. If moisture is found, a moisture reading should take place. If there is evidence of a leak, past or present, your inspector might advise a mold test by a molds specialist.


      7. Electrical systems including the main panel and sub panel. All fuses breaker switches and electrical outlets will be checked for function, and wiring checked for current code.


      8. Pool and Spa inspections may include the filtration system, electrical lines, gas lines and general condition of the plaster. Or inspector may refer you to a pool inspector.


    9. Windows and doors will be checked for operation and window screens will be checked for damage.

Your home inspector should also welcome you to discuss the report at the end of the inspection, and be ready to recommend additional experts you might want to consider. These inspectors may be a mold inspector, electrician, heater and air conditioning company, plumber, or geological inspector.

These are all specialized inspections that you have the right to have if needed as part of the contingency terms and at your expense. This is not a complete list, but a buyer needs to know that if he gets a one page report saying, in essence, that everything is fine – beware.

And remember, what I want for you is for you to be successful. What I want for you is for you have unbiased information, from me. What I want for you is for you to become educated about what it takes it takes to sell or buy a home and be able to make an informed decision. What I want for you is for you to feel confident in your decisions. And what I want for you is to be comfortable coming to me when you are feeling unsure throughout this process.

Talk with you soon.

Kim Ward, helping buyers and sellers feel comfortable with the home-buying and home-selling process.

What can I expect from my real estate agent?

What can I expect from my real estate agent?

My team and I have a precise system to handle the transactional details. And just as important we keep you informed, all along the way. The number one complaint people have with real estate professionals is lack of communication. I have set up a system that keeps my client’s up to date the team’s efforts.

You can expect to receive, at a minimum, a weekly update. If we have something important to share with you, we will call or email you promptly. On the other hand, if you have a question or concern, if you simply want to speak with me simply call or email me. I’m here to answer all your questions and address any of your concerns because I want you to feel comfortable throughout our transaction.

What can I expect from our scheduled appointment?

What can I expect from our scheduled appointment?

Hi, I’m Kim with Horizon Real Estate. Since we’re scheduled to meet to talk about how I can best help you, I thought I would share a little bit about how I work and my commitment to you. This video is less than 5 minutes and it is important that you take the time to watch it.

You see my purpose is for you to be so outrageously happy with the help I provide that youʼll gladly want to introduce me to your friends, family and the people you really care about before we even complete a transaction together.

The greatest gift I can give you today is Clarity in what you really want. To do that I do 3 things very well … Consult, Negotiate and Oversee all the transactional details … that’s what I commit to each of my clients. How I do that is by using a specific step by step formula customized to what each client wants.

The first crucial step is that I will seek to understand. I will invest the time necessary to discover what is important to you regardless of the amount of time it takes for you to fully realize your short-term and long-term intentions.

It’s not important that you select me as your consultant; what’s important is that you ensure that you’ve found the right person who has the right skills and can ask the right questions to help you gain greater clarity throughout the process.

The second step is to utilize my market knowledge and experience. I apply the collective wisdom of not only my own experience but that of my associates, colleagues and team members. So you can have every confidence in my ability to consult and advise you.

The third step is to leverage my contracting and negotiating abilities. I wouldn’t advise you to make any contractual commitments until you feel completely comfortable with all the conditions and terms.

AND As your negotiator, I’ll help you divide your objectives into three categories: needs, wants and nice to have’s.

The needs are the must have’s, there is no negotiation here.

The wants are dispensable, but not without a trade off in value. And, the nice to have’s are essentially … bargaining chips which we use to maintain the perception of win – win exchanges.

The fourth step is to Coordinate all the transactional details. There will be at least 15 different people involved in your transaction. Hundreds of phone calls, emails and pages and pages of paperwork are required for every transaction. This is when you’ll understand the importance of having a skilled coordinator … like me … overseeing all of the integrated complexity.

Imagine sitting in the cockpit of a commercial airliner. Think about all the dials, instruments and gauges that need to be perfectly coordinated during the take off, flight and landing.

It’s one thing to manage a flight on auto pilot. It’s a whole different thing to manage a flight during times of turbulence and mechanical breakdown. That’s when you need an experienced pilot, like me, protecting your well being and calmly solving any unforeseen challenges.

And, finally, the last important thing I provide comes after the successful landing. You may have future questions about what’s happening in the local and national markets. I will be here to provide accurate answers.

You may also find yourself talking to people just like you that need advice or just a question answered. When that happens I want you to feel comfortable to take out your phone, dial my number and allow me, to help you, get them the information they need to have the same great experience.

The difference is that my commitment to you and the people you care about is for a lifetime. I look forward to our meeting!

How should my house be marketed for sale?

How should my house be marketed for sale?

This is an important question. And I am a member of the SANDICOR Multiple Listing Service, or MLS, in San Diego. In my opinion, the #1 marketing is to other real estate professionals.

The reason I believe this is because there are buyers working with real estate agents and when those agents become aware that your house is available for purchase, they will let their buyers know.
I entice the agents and their buyers by providing up to 25 photos of the property and a well written description on to the MLS. And then my team will also upload on to the MLS all the pertinent information about the property, luring the agents and buyers to want to take the next step and the time to actually look at the property.

You will experience the house listing in many internet sites such as Realtor.com, Zillow, Trulia, and more within 72 hours. And, of course, a sign post and a sign will be placed on the property. I will also place a free recorded message sign writer on the post. This way, interested buyers can simply call the toll free number with your properties customized code and listen to the information about your property.

The best thing about my system is when they call in, it will capture their phone number. Experience shows this to be a much better option than printed flyers because my team can then place a follow up call to the prospective buyer and be certain that all their questions about the property have been answered … and even, schedule an interior viewing appointment.

To get answers, our direct number is 619-741-0111.

Real Estate Appraisal: What You Should Know

Real Estate Appraisal: What You Should Know

Before a lender will loan funds for the purchase of a property, the lender requires professional valuation of the property by licensed appraiser.

The appraisal is necessary to support the value of the property for the dollar amount of the buyers down payment plus the loan amount which equals the agreed upon purchase price.

I will meet the appraiser at the property for the approximately one hour appointment.

I will have researched and present to the appraiser documentation of three sold homes and one or two pending homes.

Experience shows that this helps alleviate low appraisals.

The appraiser will take measurements and notes regarding the property condition and the amenities plus photos of each of the rooms.

The exterior of the property will also be evaluated and photographed. Then the appraiser will travel to and take photos of the exterior and consider the amenities of comparable sold properties within a half mile to one mile of the home. And they will also consider one or two pending sale properties.

All of this information is gathered into a concise report and sent to the lender for further evaluation by the loan underwriter. The underwriter will then review all the information prior to determining full loan approval for the buyer.

The cost is a buyer expense between $450 and $600 and is paid in advanced by the buyer.

And experience shows that a typical appraisal evaluation report is completed within one to two weeks from the time that is ordered.

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